Light Curtains

Light Curtains in Dandenong, Bayswater, Rowville, and Knox

It is essential to hire light curtains repair, servicing, and replacement services to protect your personnel who work around the heavy and hazardous machines regularly. These optoelectronic present detecting tools need regular servicing and repairs for smooth operations.

We at Ken’s Power House Electrics are your perfect choice to repair and replace light curtains of almost all the brands available. We understand how crucial personnel safety for your company is and therefore we make sure that your light curtains are managed and repaired responsibly to avoid any hazards.

We offer the most reliable safety light curtain repair services in and around Melbourne. Ken’s Power House Electrics is equipped with the necessary light curtain repair tools and resources that troubleshoot and inspect your device. Contact us to get advanced light curtain Dandenong repair services.

Key Benefits of Ken’s Power House Electrics Maintenance Package

Ken’s Power House Electrics are renowned as the best safety light curtain repair experts in Melbourne. Our maintenance package includes light curtains repair, replacement, installation, servicing, maintenance, and inspection services. All your light curtain repairs are properly inspected and evaluated by our experienced team of technicians.

When you hire us, you get an access to a team of skilled and certified technicians who are well-trained to repair your safety Light Curtains. We offer guaranteed services at a highly competitive price. As long as you are hiring our professionals, you can stay assured that your light curtains will be inspected and repaired well in time and your budget limitations.

Services we Offer

We are a team of qualified light curtains inspectors. Our team can repair the faulted light curtains, replace the parts, and service these devices. From sensor failure issues to broken lenses, Ken’s Power House Electrics can deal with all technical issues.

We manage the intermittent connectors, cable issues, controller failure, and other such light curtain problems. Our Light curtains Bayswater team offers exceptional inspection and repair services in Dandenong, Rowville, Knox, and surrounding areas.

Why hire us?

Our light curtains Rowville repair services are designed to ensure the safety of your workers around the heavy equipment. We offer 24/7 support services with a quick turnaround. Hire our light curtains Knox technicians and get your equipment tested and repaired thoroughly.