Electrical Safety Audit

Top Electrical Safety Audit Services in Melbourne

Maintaining a safe electrical environment at your home and business is essential to avert the risk of unexpected hazards. Therefore, property owners need to schedule an Electrical safety audit and fire safety audit in Melbourne at least once every six months.

Ken’s Power House Electrics offers superior-quality, comprehensive electrical safety audit services to large scale-companies and plants across Australia. Backed by a team of expert electricians, at Ken’s Power House, we ensure to perform a full sweep audit of your property.

Our safety inspection involves addressing:
  • Poor lighting installation.
  • Broken electrical cables and plug sockets.
  • Faulty smoke alarm systems.
  • Electrical circuit overloads.
  • Flawed earthing or bonding.
  • Damaged or faulty switchboards.

Hire the best electrical audit company in Australia

At Ken’s Power House Electrics, our priority is to ensure optimum safety to your property while meeting the compliance standards. From scheduled electrical checks to compliance testing, our certified electrical inspectors are adept in performing a thorough examination of your property with a quick turnaround time.

Call the best safety audit providers with the best resources, prices, and services. You can reach out to us on 0411632264.

Why Choose Our Electrical Safety Audit Rowville Services?

Not every company or individual claiming to offer electrical inspection can do the job as expected. Only trained and qualified professionals who possess apt experience in this industry can run a thorough inspection of your electrical system.

We are committed to offering the best resources, certified professionals, quick turnaround, best price, and complete inspection. Hire our Electrical safety audit Bayswater for the best results.